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Little sister is sexually unsatisfied with her boyfriend and her brother is a pervert. When he notices how much his little sister grown up, he can’t pass opportunity of fucking her tight pussy. She on the other hand, can’t stand her worthless onii-chan, but his cock feel soo good.

Little Sister’s Hole (English) – Imouto no Ana (Ch1-2 Uncensored)
Mangaka: Yukiyanagi (2009)
Genre: Volume, Incest, Brother and Little Sister, Gangbang, Storyline
Size: 110MB 200pages

“Come on. It’ll be okay. I promise i won’t cum inside. Spread your legs wide. I’m gonna give you a thorough check-up. You have such beautiful pussy lips. And your hole looks pretty tight, too. Since you have a hole, i simply must enter it.”
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Sister wet juicy pussy in seethrough panties.

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