Hot princess in crotchless lingerie spreading her pussy wide open harem hentai manga
Kiyoshi is eating and watching TV and suddenly a guest arrives.. The princess of Kokiyuki Mataka Kingdom! She has come to fulfill an old promise.. To become his wife…

Princess Propose English Hentai Manga
Mangaka: Itou Ei
Genre: comedy, harem, maid, princess, stockings, childhood friend, group sex, story arc
Size: 252MB 234pages + 110MB optimized

*it means that pages were optimized in size with almost no loss in quality for an eye to notice.

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Chapters List:
Ch01 Opening Bell
Ch02 First Wedding
Ch03 Second Wedding
Ch04 Third Wedding
Ch05 Fourth Wedding
Ch06 Fifth Wedding
Ch07 Wedding Bell
Ch08 The Princess of Dreamland (lolicon)
Ch09 Side Effect