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Here you can ask for any kind of hentai you wish. It might be hentai collection of favorite anime character or perhaps compilation of specific genre that you like. I will make one.
That is if i like it too or find time for it.. or perhaps if many people want it.. if penguins approve i will.

How to do it?
Just reply in this page. Your massage will not appear but don’t worry, i will see it.
Try not to use links with http,www or spam filter might dump it.

  • written by Matew George

    I’m looking for a specific sort (<5 pages) color doujin in which the Housewife goes to the "market" to buy grocery for dinner and ends up seeing the green grocer having a "special" vegetable up for sale set upright on the table in front of him, It becomes stiff when she tastes it and so on………..

  • written by hentaix

    I believe you had on mind this piece of work.

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