Hentai in which a character forces another to perform sexual activity (including exposure and/or slavery) by either threatening to reveal embarrassing, socially damaging, or incriminating information about the second character. Blackmail in hentai often ends happy for both sides, simply because girls miracously fall in love with their opressors cocks.

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We’re All In Heaaaat (Tsundere Girls)

Cumming on tsundere girl face Hentai
Collection of awesome stories in volume by Meme50.
Various kinds of happy sex and a bit darken ones.. with a little bit of comedy.

Mangaka: Meme50 (2013)
Genre: big tits, college girls, creampie, group, maid, housewife, double penetration, nun, defloration
Size: 330MB/145MB 213pages

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Risky Day Creampie (Uncensored)

Creampie on risky day hentai, he came a lot inside even though she said no
Collection of uncensored stories by Carn. Performing wanted-unwanted creampies.
Including perverted schoolgirls, teachers, childhood friends.

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Fat Ugly Man Fuck Sena

Fat and ugly man fuck Sena doggy style hentai
He knows that Sena loves playing eroge and masturbating, just like him. The fat ugly man.
Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Doujin

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Kiss x Kiss – Ako Suminoe Blackmail

Ako Suminoe hentai, she is masturbating in classroom in underwear
Ako is blackmailed by her upper classmate. He recorded video of her kissing with Keita at school. If she do whatever he wants, he will delete it. But it never turns out well.. aint it?

Mangaka: Magono-Tei (Carn)
Genre: Group Sex, netorare, Impregnated, Double Penetration, Mind Break, Defloration
Size: 20MB 29pages

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Sensei Stage Rape (Blackmail)

Teacher raped secretly on stage while performing festival play
Sensei is asked to replace sick girl in culture festival play. It was supposed to be simple bed scene..
But student acting along with her, can’t handle his excitement and force real sex on stage.

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Teacher Blackmail Busty Student

Teacher blackmailing female student with obscene picture
Teacher Blackmail Busty Student (English)
Girl with the highest grades in school, enjoy uploading her own slutty images on internet website.

Mangaka: Kobayashi Youkoh
Genre: Hentai Oneshot, Teacher, Busty Girl, Female Student, Anal
Size: 11MB 20pages

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Mitsunyuu (Teacher Daughter Blackmail)

Mother and Daughter sluts, creampie and big nipples
Kumikyoku Mitsunyuu Volume 1-2 (Uncensored, English)

On a certain summer day, the music teacher, Makihara Kozue, was filmed by her student, Jinguuji Naoya, while she was masturbating in the music room. He threatened her with exposing the film, so Kozue had no other choice but to obey Jinguuji’s orders.
After that, he performed many degrading acts on her at the school. He made her play the piano with her breasts. He shaved her pussy and made her teach a class in a sexy swimsuit. He painted obscene words all over her body. He milked her breasts and exploited her ass..

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King of Fighters – Mai Ninja Cosplay

Mai Shiranui with three naked boys, wedgie with hair sticking out, licked armpits and nipples
Mai is blackmailed by kids she met at resort. It turns out they made lots of ecchi pictures.
It’s time for sexy ninja cosplay.

King of Fighters – The Yuri & Friends 9 (COLOR, Uncensored) – Park Adventure (Resort Adventure 2)
Genre: Saigado Comics, Kensou, Shota, Foursome Sex, Facial, Creampie, Ninja Outfit, Mai Shiranui
Prequel: Mai Shiranui Hentai (Resort Adventure)
Size: 18MB 28pages

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Old Teacher Blackmail School Girl

Girl sitting naked on old man lap hentai
Old teacher watches one of his students having sex with her boyfriend at school,
then blackmails her into having sex with him too.

From now on You Can Rape Me (English)
Mangaka: Kishidou
Genre: School Teacher, Yunior High School Girl, Blackmail for Sex, Old Man Rape Girl, Condom, Creampie
Size: 35MB 65page

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Rebecca Chambers (Resident Evil)

Blackmailed Rebecca Chambers undressing in public. Hentai Doujin
Rebecca Chambers – Resident Evil Hentai Doujinshi (English)
Just calm down. I’ll give you a nice little chance. If you want your next hint, you’ll need to do as i say. I want you to remove your clothes and take photos of yourself like the ones of that woman. It’s not as if anybody will see you up there, so What does it matter to you? Or would you like to abandon your dear little hostage?
adult comics, camera shots, hostage, detective, public sex

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