Gender Bender

Hentai with gender change theme. Girl becoming man or man becoming girl. Usually not because they want, but accident happens.

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Boy Changed into Girl (Gender Bender)

Boy changed into a girl hentai, gender bender blowjob
Strange disease is changing boys into big breasted girls.
Additionally this disease makes them very, very sexually horny.

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Fallen Angel Vol 1-2 (Gender Swap)

gender bender hentai, sneak peak at juicy wet pussy in bloomers
A boy’s mind get transfered into a beautifull girl’s body that fell on him, although his own body seems to be himself. Living her life posing as her, interacting with his independent male self as the girl he likes, trying to do what is right without messing things up for her. He gains shocking insights into the deeply flawed existence of the girl he idolizes.

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Alignment You You (Invisible Ghosts)

Invisible ghost girl is masturbating in classroom, taking of her soaked panties
Takahashi is lovely schoolgirl and she just become a ghost. Death has thrown a huge crimp into her plans to confess to the boy she loves. But Takahashi can do what she wants, including getting off in the middle of her classroom. But no one can see her exhibitionist frenzy, not even the boy she loves. Then she meets Sakurako, the ghost girl who haunts the boys bathroom..

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False Girlfriend (Crossdressing)

Eating Creampie from Pussy Hentai
Volume contain 2 long stories. First is a twisted story about mind breaking and sadism and second story revolves around the developers of a sperm like beer substitute drink.

False Girlfriend (English)
Mangaka: Inochi Wazuka (Honey Qp) (2011)
Genre: gender bender, yaoi, shotacon, crossdressing, pregnant, femdom, strap-on, fisting, mind break
Size: 116MB 201pages

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Shapeshifting girl hentai, talking on internet chat in panties
Story about shapeshifting girl that can change her form at whim.
She is showing her skills on online video chat.

Shapeshifter (260pages) Update
Transformation, Color, Breast Expansion, Dick Growth, Futa, Long Tongue, Masturbation, Exhibitionism

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Body Exchange

After falling accident, Yuuki and Makoto swap bodies.
Makoto decides to use this situation to tease Yuuki a bit..

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Sex Change Magic

His sister doesn’t want to go to school, so she magically change him into her.

Mahou Gakuin Epikyuria (Sex Change Magic) [English]
Mangaka: Fujisaka Lyric
Genre: Oneshot, Gender Bender, Magic School, Futanari
Size: 9MB 20pages

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Senou Natsuru Doujin (Kampfer)

Guy pulling her panties aside and looking at her fresh pussy hentai kampfer
Senou Natsuru (in his female kampfer transformation) is captured by some fat otaku pig and kept tied up in school toilet. He can’t turn back into man..

Kampfer – Her Choice The Case of Senou Natsuru
Author: Crazy 9 (Great Art)
Genre: Light Novel Doujinshi, Kidnapped, Tied in Toilet, Stockings, Forced, Creampie
Size: 19MB 33pages

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