The act of making woman pregnant. Fertilization.
Basically in hentai, unprotected sex is as common as protected sex in real life. Usually though, nobody mention about possibility of pregnancy.
This tag however shows situations when rist of pregnancy is mentioned and nakadashi (Internal Cumshot).. performed, ended with wanted/unwanted pregnancy.
Something like.. please don’t cum inside me, it’s not safe today!

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Get Pregnant, You Dirty Slut

Pregnant Sluts Dirty Orgy Hentai
Collection of impregnation stories by Nozarashi. Highschool Girls, Milf, Step-Sisters, Preggy Sisters, Pregnant Wife. Even though some are forced, they end up loving it, like proper pregnant sluts should.

Mangaka: Nozarashi Satoru (2011)
Genre: volume, pregnant, big breasts, dp, ahegao, teacher, rape, anal, impregnation, lactation, group sex
Size: 140MB 229pages

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Wrestle Angels – Ichigaya vs Migiri

Jizz Cumshot in Mouth Hentai
Beauty Ichigaya vs Oozora Migiri! Whoever gets to make 50 cocks cum first wins!
Migiri starts off with an intense blowjob! She just love eating cock cheese! Ichigaya is taking different approach.. it seems the men are taking turns cumming in her pussy! She’s now having a competition where the person who impregnates her gets to marry her!

Wrestle Angels Hentai Doujin
Mangaka: SHD
Genre: harem, tall girl, blowing load in mouth, impregnation contest, smegma
Size: 52MB 34pages

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Knocked up Teachers

Knocked up teachers hentai, cumshot on two wide open mouth
Okay guy, let’s knock her up for sure this time! Everyone make sure to cum inside Ms. Kaori too! I’ll make sure the headmistress has my child! Keep the creampies coming, guys!

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Pretty Cure Futanari Sex (Creampies)

Little princess unwanted impregnating creampie hentai
Futanari Decal allows user to grow a penis. However, great caution must be exercised not to overuse the item! Otherwise.. There will be lots of unwanted pregnancies.
Reika Aoki, Yayoi Kise, Ako Shirabe, Ellen Kurokawa, Erika Kurumi, Nao Midorikawa

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How to become a Wife (Impregnated Loli, Old Man)

nanako molested by old man hentai
Nanako is a good daughter and cute little sister. That is until.. she accidentaly encounter Ayane’s mysterious meetings with two old men.
Nanako Dojima Persona 4 Hentai Doujin

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Otomedori (NTR, Pregnant)

Impregnated NTR Sister Hentai

Otomedori (English and UNCENSORED)
Mangaka: Carn (2011)
Genre: netorare, pregnant, lolicon, rape, schoolgirl, impregnated, maid, lactation, cheating, sister
Size: 125MB 201pages

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Sailor Jupiter Doujin (Sailor Moon)

Sailor Jupiter aka Makoto Kino hentai, upskirt panties pubic hair sticking out
Makoto Kino Hentai Doujin

After years.. Makoto Kino known as Sailor Jupiter is happily married. On her birthday she got invited by her fans to celebrate.. How could she refuse? Great mood, lots of compliments and she drunk a bit too much..

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Smile PreCure Hentai Doujin

Ikuyo and Reika hentai blows cock smile precure
Ikuyo Hoshizora is a horny housewife that decided to turn Yagihiko into a real man. Yagihiko however has huge crush on Reika, which seems to have intimate relationship with Janitor. He decided to train his dick so no woman can resist him. Starting with two housewifes Ikuyo and Chiharu.
Smile Precure Hentai Doujin

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Super Robot Wars OG – Russel’s Hypnotism Class

Hypnotised girls sucking cocks hentai
Russel is constantly scolded and humiliated by female co-worker Katina. That is until.. he acquire a book about hypnotism. It surely can boost self-confidence. Why would not fuck Katina, Leona, Latooni.. if he can.

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Incest Sexual Desire (Mother, Sister)

Mother is putting cum covered panties on hentai, drenched in sperm by her son
Collection of short stories by F.S in volume.
Lots of creampies with straight shotacon x teacher x sister x mother.
180MB 190pages

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