The act of making woman pregnant. Fertilization.
Basically in hentai, unprotected sex is as common as protected sex in real life. Usually though, nobody mention about possibility of pregnancy.
This tag however shows situations when rist of pregnancy is mentioned and nakadashi (Internal Cumshot).. performed, ended with wanted/unwanted pregnancy.
Something like.. please don’t cum inside me, it’s not safe today!

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How to become a Wife (Impregnated Loli, Old Man)

nanako molested by old man hentai
Nanako is a good daughter and cute little sister. That is until.. she accidentaly encounter Ayane’s mysterious meetings with two old men.
Nanako Dojima Persona 4 Hentai Doujin

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Otomedori (NTR, Pregnant)

Impregnated NTR Sister Hentai

Otomedori (English and UNCENSORED)
Mangaka: Carn (2011)
Genre: netorare, pregnant, lolicon, rape, schoolgirl, impregnated, maid, lactation, cheating, sister
Size: 125MB 201pages

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Sailor Jupiter Doujin (Sailor Moon)

Sailor Jupiter aka Makoto Kino hentai, upskirt panties pubic hair sticking out
Makoto Kino Hentai Doujin

After years.. Makoto Kino known as Sailor Jupiter is happily married. On her birthday she got invited by her fans to celebrate.. How could she refuse? Great mood, lots of compliments and she drunk a bit too much..

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Smile PreCure Hentai Doujin

Ikuyo and Reika hentai blows cock smile precure
Ikuyo Hoshizora is a horny housewife that decided to turn Yagihiko into a real man. Yagihiko however has huge crush on Reika, which seems to have intimate relationship with Janitor. He decided to train his dick so no woman can resist him. Starting with two housewifes Ikuyo and Chiharu.
Smile Precure Hentai Doujin

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Super Robot Wars OG – Russel’s Hypnotism Class

Hypnotised girls sucking cocks hentai
Russel is constantly scolded and humiliated by female co-worker Katina. That is until.. he acquire a book about hypnotism. It surely can boost self-confidence. Why would not fuck Katina, Leona, Latooni.. if he can.

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Incest Sexual Desire (Mother, Sister)

Mother is putting cum covered panties on hentai, drenched in sperm by her son
Collection of short stories by F.S in volume.
Lots of creampies with straight shotacon x teacher x sister x mother.
180MB 190pages

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One Piece – Nami Impregnated by Old Men

Sexy pregnant Nami hentai, undressing in bikini, she doesnt know who knocked her up
Nami is charging money for sexual pleasures with old men on Weatheria Island. But they keep cumming inside her. With that belly there is no doubt that they knocked her up.

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Dragon Ball – Android 18 Prostitution (Color)

Android 18 hentai, in seethru nightgown sucking client cock
Dragon Ball C18 Anons
Nice to meet you, won’t you spend the time of your dreams with me?
I will do my best and i await your arrival.
18MB 26pages

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Kiss x Kiss – Ako Suminoe Blackmail

Ako Suminoe hentai, she is masturbating in classroom in underwear
Ako is blackmailed by her upper classmate. He recorded video of her kissing with Keita at school. If she do whatever he wants, he will delete it. But it never turns out well.. aint it?

Mangaka: Magono-Tei (Carn)
Genre: Group Sex, netorare, Impregnated, Double Penetration, Mind Break, Defloration
Size: 20MB 29pages

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Azuki Miho Doujins (Bakuman)

Bakuman Hentai, Azuki Spreading Pussy, Netorare talk to Mashiro
Azuki Miho hentai doujins collection due this day. She is from Bakuman anime/manga.
160MB 9doujins (English and JPN)

Considering relationship Azuki had with Mashiro Moritaka. There are mostly netorare/cheating comics with her. She is female voice actor, and they will not meet until their dreams comes true. Perfect scenario for making her some old producers slave. But there are some vanilla doujins with happy sex between them as well. But at some point she will surely get pregnant, and definitely not with right person.

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