The act of making woman pregnant. Fertilization.
Basically in hentai, unprotected sex is as common as protected sex in real life. Usually though, nobody mention about possibility of pregnancy.
This tag however shows situations when rist of pregnancy is mentioned and nakadashi (Internal Cumshot).. performed, ended with wanted/unwanted pregnancy.
Something like.. please don’t cum inside me, it’s not safe today!

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One Piece – Nami Impregnated by Old Men

Sexy pregnant Nami hentai, undressing in bikini, she doesnt know who knocked her up
Nami is charging money for sexual pleasures with old men on Weatheria Island. But they keep cumming inside her. With that belly there is no doubt that they knocked her up.

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Dragon Ball – Android 18 Prostitution (Color)

Android 18 hentai, in seethru nightgown sucking client cock
Dragon Ball C18 Anons
Nice to meet you, won’t you spend the time of your dreams with me?
I will do my best and i await your arrival.
18MB 26pages

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Kiss x Kiss – Ako Suminoe Blackmail

Ako Suminoe hentai, she is masturbating in classroom in underwear
Ako is blackmailed by her upper classmate. He recorded video of her kissing with Keita at school. If she do whatever he wants, he will delete it. But it never turns out well.. aint it?

Mangaka: Magono-Tei (Carn)
Genre: Group Sex, netorare, Impregnated, Double Penetration, Mind Break, Defloration
Size: 20MB 29pages

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Azuki Miho Doujins (Bakuman)

Bakuman Hentai, Azuki Spreading Pussy, Netorare talk to Mashiro
Azuki Miho hentai doujins collection due this day. She is from Bakuman anime/manga.
160MB 9doujins (English and JPN)

Considering relationship Azuki had with Mashiro Moritaka. There are mostly netorare/cheating comics with her. She is female voice actor, and they will not meet until their dreams comes true. Perfect scenario for making her some old producers slave. But there are some vanilla doujins with happy sex between them as well. But at some point she will surely get pregnant, and definitely not with right person.

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Samurai Spirits – Zero X1-X3 (Mina Majikina)

Mina Majikina Nakadashi, poking cervix
Mina Majikina X-Ray Creampies

Samurai Spirits Hentai Doujin – Zero X1 X2 X3 (Decensored)
Mangaka: AKKAN-Bi PROJECT (Yanagi Hirohiko)
Genre: nakadashi, x-ray, tied up, double penetration, internal cumshot, impregnation
Size: 48MB 72pages

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Hitozuma Lovers (Bareback, Shotakon)

Bareback sex with shota boy, touching womb and asking not to cum inside
Straight Shotacon Bareback Sex

Hitozuma Lovers (English)
Mangaka: Yamamoto Yoshifumi (2008)
Genre: Volume, Bareback Sex, Housewife, Incest, Impregnating Mother, Shota, X-Ray, Pregnant, Storyline
Size: 61MB, 164pages

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Siblings Sex (Blowjob Eyes)

Siblings having sex, sister stuffed mouth with her brother dick, blowjob eyes
Sister’s mouth stuffed with his brother’s dick. Oral Sex.
We’re still siblings.. What if i get pregnant? Well.. You still have a hole that
prevent you from getting pregnant. Your ass.
21MB 70pages

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Step Mother and Sister Pregnant Slaves

Pregnant sex slaves, step mother and sister hentai
When his father was overseas, Akihito decided to make his step mother and step sister his personal sex slaves. They turned out to be submissive masochists, that were happy to fuck without protection and become pregnant.

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Natural Mama (Incest, Cumslut)

mother drenched in cum and pee, cumshot on face glasses, wet see through clothes hentai
Short incest stories. Including dirty mothers with their sons.

Tennen Koubo – Natural Mama (English, Volume)
Mangaka: Sawada Daisuke (2008)
Genre: Comics, Mom-Son, Incest, Friend’s Mother, Cumslut, Impregnated, Gangbang
Size: 110MB 222pages

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My Sister is My Wife

Spreading Sister Asshole while fucking from Behind Hentai
My Sister is My Wife Vol 1-2 (English)

Yuji Agatsuma is a lucky guy. His married older sister lives right near his university in Tokyo. Thanks to that, while starting college he moves to an apartment with them. However night after night he has to listen to his sister’s passionate cries of intense sex with her husband in the next room over. And his sister has matured to a beautiful, warm and sexy woman.

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