Kuroneko hentai from Ore no Imouto (Oreimo) Anime/Manga/Novel.
Kuroneko Hentai, blowjob under tableRuri Gokou, better known as her alter-ego Kuroneko is a member of the Otaku Girls online community that Saori manages. She goes to an offline meeting where she meets both Saori and Kirino in person. Kuroneko is a fan of teenage fantasy anime and is sickened by cute anime. Due to both of their tsundere-type personalities, she constantly argue with Kirino when it comes to anything, but they still manage to maintain a friendship despite their differences.

Kuroneko is known for her dark clothing and scarlet eyes. She cosplays daily in gothic lolita clothing similar to those worn on her favorite anime. She writes doujinshi and novels, but none of her works are popular. Kuroneko is very intelligent and has a large vocabulary.

Kuroneko and Kirino Hentai CG (Oreimo)

Oreimo hentai cg Kuroneko sperm fetish Saori Titfuck and Kirino incest sex
Two English Translated Ore no Imouto Hentai CG.
First one about Kuroneko dominating some nerd and making him her cum provider.
In second Kyosuke hit jackpot indeed. Happily screwing his sister and her friends.
143MB 235pages

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Kuroneko x Kyosuke (Ore no Imouto)

Kuroneko hentai, kyousuke eating her pussy with panties aside, cunningulus
Kyosuke is dating cute Kuroneko. Ore no Imouto doujin series about dating and their sex life.

Kuroneko x Kyousuke 8 Comics (English) – Ore no Imouto
Mangaka: Digital Lover (Nakajima Yuka)
Genre: Dating, Shy, Cute, Cat Ears, Panties Aside, Otaku
Size: 170MB 220pages 8 Comics mini pack

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My Younger Sister is (Oreimo)

Oreimo hentai, Kirino x kuroneko x Manami sex
My Younger Sister is.. 1-4
Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai Hentai Doujinshi

My Younger Sister is ch1
Kirino Kousaka asks her brother to show her his dick.
Chapter 2
Kirino after month of crazy sex with Kyousuke moves abroad to America. Tsundere Kuroneko loses virginity.
Chapter 3
Manami finds out about Kyousuke and Kuroneko relationship. Akagi uses her vulnerable state and rape her.
Chapter 3.5 (Full Color)
Kyou-chan spending night with Manami.
Chapter 4
Kirino coming back home. Time for counseling session. Threesome with Kuroneko.

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