Teacher-Student Hentai

Teacher hentai shows obviously, teachers sexual relationship with their students. The Japanese word for teacher is sensei (先生) and it is commonly used as the translation to describe them in anime and manga.

Example Story: Cute girl have really bad grades. She really have to do better or else will have to repeat year again. But she hates studying. So she approach her homeroom teacher and asks for better grades, with her naked body on stake.

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Asa Made Jugyo Chu (Ecchi)

Asa Made Jugyo Chu (Ecchi)

Houkago Nureta Seifuku

Houkago Nureta Seifuku

[Kon-Kit] Bitch Trap (Uncensored)

Bitch mother spread her legs and show her shaved pussy

Hentai manga by Kon-Kit. Funny short stories. There are aliens, foreign step mother, taxi prostitution..

Love x Evolution Hard Core – Hotaru

Love x Evolution Hard Core - Hotaru

The New Buxom Tutor

The New Buxom Tutor

Lewd Virus Hentai CG (English)

Lewd Virus

Lewd virus is spreading everywhere. But there is a cure! The women impregnated by our MC are cured.

Yui Kotegawa NTR (To Love-Ru)

Yui Kotegawa NTR big tits

Yui gets hypnotized by school teacher Mokoda. He makes her do things she normally wouldn't dare to.

Tonari no Minano Sensei Vol 1-4

Tonari no Minano Sensei

Habit by Teacher (Milking Tits)

helping milking her lactating big tits hentai manga

[Yamamoto Yoshifumi] Ane Plus (Creampies)

Milf creampie cervix penetration hentai manga