Teacher hentai shows obviously, teachers sexual relationship with their students. The Japanese word for teacher is sensei (先生) and it is commonly used as the translation to describe them in anime and manga.

Example Story: Cute girl have really bad grades. She really have to do better or else will have to repeat year again. But she hates studying. So she approach her homeroom teacher and asks for better grades, with her naked body on stake.

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Busty Nerd Girl Losing Anal Virginity

Busty school girl losing anal virginity hentai, ripped pantyhose panties aside
Busty nerdy girl catch her p.e teacher stealing girls uniforms. He explains its his dick fault and ask her to cure him. It doesn’t take long before sucking turns into fucking. Starting from anal penetration.

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Watashi No Shinai oo Na Koto (Uncensored)

open mouth full of cum hentai

Watashi No Shinai oo Na Koto (English, Uncensored)
Author: Shunjou Shuusuke (2010)
Genre: Volume, Romance, Schoolgirl, Teacher, School Life, Creampie, X-Ray, Short Stories
Size: 113MB 259pictures

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Stolen Childhood Friend (Netorare)

Stolen childhod friend netorare talk hentai
Netorare hentai manga by Nagare Ippon
Look, Nozomu! After being broken by sensei, my pussy and ass have become like this.
I was supposed to give everything to you but. Even my kiss.. I even gave him my first kiss..

Oneshot, Sex in Front of loved one, ntr, School Girl, Slighly Decensored

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Teacher plays with virgin girls shaved pussy

Teacher plays with virgin girls shaved pussy hm1max4tfmml t
As a Teacher Hentai Manga by Sahashi Renya
defloration, schoolgirl, seducing teacher, small breasts, shaving pubes, uncensored

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Fallen Angel Vol 1-2 (Gender Swap)

juicy wet pussy in bloomers, sneak peak hentai
A boy’s mind get transfered into a beautifull girl’s body that fell on him, although his own body seems to be himself. Living her life posing as her, interacting with his independent male self as the girl he likes, trying to do what is right without messing things up for her. He gains shocking insights into the deeply flawed existence of the girl he idolizes.

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The Erotic Elder Sister (Mother, Sister, Teacher)

Erotic Mother and Elder Sister incest hentai manga
Compilation of stories in volume. Mother, sister and teacher. Shorter and longer.

The Erotic Elder Sister (English)
Author: Dakouin Saburou (2006)
Genre: Volume, Incest, Mother-Son-Sister, Teacher, Catgirl, Anal Sex, Pantyhose
Size: 106MB 202pages

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Sense Vol 1-3 (English) + Vol 1-6 RAW

Sense Vol 1 3 (English) + Vol 1 6 RAW r0o805fkp9vp

Sense Vol 1-2 vol 3 ch1-2 (English) + Vol 1-6 RAW
Author: Haruki (2008+)
Genre: Ecchi, Teacher-student, All-girls School, Delusions, Storyline
Size: 154 ENG + 590MB RAW

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Misunderstanding Homeroom Teacher

Hot female teacher in glasses is licking guy's foreskin cock hentai
Because of a misunderstanding, i made my student impotent. I’ll put an end to this terrible punishment.
I’ll do whatever it takes to help you recover.

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Invisible ESP Student (Hentai CG)

Invisible student touching bent over table female teacher butt hentai

Hentai CG story about three sisters fucked by ESP student. The eldest one.. Female teacher molested and fucked by invisible student in classroom while trying to not let anyone notice what’s going on.. Second girl is being brainwashed to be lover in the school bathroom. And the third one young lady used by her tutor as outdoor exposure pet in the park.. with expected gangbang action.

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Athletic Girl Mistake

Cameltoe Clitoris Panties Hentai
It seems Physical Education teacher has female admirer. Suddenly she wants him to give her a massage.. Ofc she doesn’t mean usual one. But actually she mistook him for his twin brother..

Mangaka: Yamatogawa
Genre: oneshot, teacher, massage, facial, admiring student, mistaken for wrong person
Size: 11MB 20pages

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