Samurai Spirits – Zero X1-X3 (Mina Majikina)

Mina Majikina Nakadashi, poking cervix
Mina Majikina X-Ray Creampies

Samurai Spirits Hentai Doujin – Zero X1 X2 X3 (Decensored)
Mangaka: AKKAN-Bi PROJECT (Yanagi Hirohiko)
Genre: nakadashi, x-ray, tied up, double penetration, internal cumshot, impregnation
Size: 48MB 72pages

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Temari Ninja Exam (Naruto)

Temari hentai, tied up and fucked by kankurou and his puppet

Two comics. First full color, Temari taking joujin exam and ends up tied up and fucked hard by Kankurou. Second is a bit funny story. Naruto get caught peeping in sauna (Jiraija fault) and as punishment tied up naked to tree by Tsunade and others?. And there is a Revenge.. Shizune Raw Fuck.

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Senou Natsuru Doujin (Kampfer)

Guy pulling her panties aside and looking at her fresh pussy hentai kampfer
Senou Natsuru (in his female kampfer transformation) is captured by some fat otaku pig and kept tied up in school toilet. He can’t turn back into man..

Kampfer – Her Choice The Case of Senou Natsuru
Author: Crazy 9 (Great Art)
Genre: Light Novel Doujinshi, Kidnapped, Tied in Toilet, Stockings, Forced, Creampie
Size: 19MB 33pages

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