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Tatoeba Haha Ga Complete Manga (All)

Masaki’s mother is gorgeous and tends to dress very casually at home. When he notices a mosquito bite on her neck, he starts to wonder whether she is dating someone or not. This story follows the mother in question and her son’s separate lives, as it all slowly converges. Progressive storyline spanning through several volumes.

Title: Even If Mother is (English)
Mangaka: TsuyaTsuya (Studio Sitomi)
Genre: Romance, Mother Complex, Incest, Older Female-Younger Male, Multiple Relationships, Plot, Pack
Size: 574MB 1320pages

Complete List:
Tatoeba Haha ga Volume 1-6
3 Oneshots: 28+ / 49+ / After
Doujin – Woman in Glasses and a Public Toilet (After Volume 1)




Volume Covers:

“Only mom and i live in this house. When i was in elementary school, she divorced my dad. Since then, she always worked very hard as a single career woman. I don’t know how she does it, but after all these years, she still looks very young. In our lives as mother and son, when we talk, it’s more like we’re roomates than parent and child. We make each other’s lives enjoyable.”