Kazue is married for six years, but lately her husband is too busy at work to take care of her sexual needs. Then suddenly she recieves an invitation for a class reunion. There she meets one of her former students Sho. A mysterious young man who will change her life..

The Confession of Mrs (English)Mrs no Kokuhaku
Mangaka: Azuki Kurenai (2003)
Genre: Volume, Teacher (Sensei), Outdoor, Gangbang, Slut, Hairy, Lactation, Cheating Wife, Long Story
Size: 62MB, 195pages

Some Preview:

Contains chapters:
Episode 1 – Kazue Saotome, Married Woman
Episode 2 – She’s the Beast… Called Married Woman
Episode 3 – The Lewd Married Woman’s Reason Takes a Stroll Through Hell
Episode 4 – The Wolf’s Song for a stray lamb 1
Episode 5 – The Wolf’s Song for a stray lamb 2
Episode 6 – Then the wolf become an Angel
Episode 7 – Seduced by the Angel, then the Devil cracks a Grin
Episode 8 – The tiny light concealed in the Darkness
Episode 9 – The life to be Born Live on Forever