Melty Body, putting lotion on sexy bikini girls bodies
Book with collection of short stories by E-musu Aki.

Mangaka: E-Musu Aki (2009)
Genre: Volume, Public, Group, Sister, Sexy Bikini, Glasses Girl, MILF, Short Stories
Size: 124MB 200pages

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Melty Body Chapters List:
The Woman of hot springs (Short Color)
Marinas obscene holiday (Short Color)
They Are Sexual Beach Girls (Short Color)
Temptation by the Pool (Short Color)
Wet Mermaid
A Hot Girl (Exhibitonist)
Thrilling School (Coach)
The Mansion of Little Birds (Maid)
A Date Without Panties
Girlfriend’s Elder Sister (Threesome)
Informal Party with the Manager
Young Wife’s Counseling Room
Honey Robes (Hot Milf)