Gender Bender Hentai

Hentai with gender change theme. Girl becoming man or man becoming girl. Usually not because they want, but accident happens.

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TSF Monogatari (Anime)

Gender Bender Ahegao

Ranma Ecchi (Fanservice)

Ranma Ecchi Moments

Compilation video of ecchi scenes from Ranma ½ anime series.

Body Transfer (Anime)

Body Transfer (Anime)

Fallen Angel Vol 1-2 (Body Swap)

Juicy wet pussy in bloomers

Hentai manga by Distance. A boy’s mind gets transferred into a beautiful girl’s body that fell on him, although his own body seems to be himself..

TSF Monogatari (Manga)

TSF Monogatari (Manga)

Hentai manga by ShindoL. Story arc about Takumi that is changed into a girl and struggles with new found desires in his new body. Which basically means he fucks too much.

Mecha Love (Yuzuki n Dash)

Mecha Love Hentai Manga

Lu Xun x Gang Ning (Dynasty Warriors)

Lu Xun x Gang Ning

Guy Turns into Girl (Gender Bender)

Guy Turns into a Girl hentai Manga

If you would become a girl.. Would you suck? Would you fuck?

Alignment You You (Invisible Ghosts)

Invisible Girl Soaked Panties Classroom Hentai

False Girlfriend (Crossdressing)

False Girlfriend (Crossdressing)