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33 Year Old Cheating Housewife (English) [Uncensored]
Collection of stories about cheating wives.. some include incest.. such as married aunts and married sister. There is also a short series about swapping wives. The stories are pretty funny with various kind of cheating theme, including banging friend’s wife in front of drunk and sleeping husband. This is netori, everything is shown from perspective of guy fucking another men wives. While husbands.. never finds out..
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Cheating Housewife 69 sex hentai under bedding

Chapters List:
1. Kiss Training
2-4. Spouse Swapping
5. Under the Kotatsu
6. Christmas Eve with a Married Woman
7. The Married Woman Who Became a Sex Friend
8. The Temptations of an Aunt
9. Little Sister’s Milk
10. Let’s Just do It!!

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