Yet another English Translated Anime Doujin Pack
Like usual with genres in their titles and average score. The best ones are marked with !
Soon i will start posting best doujins of months.
764MB 31 hentai doujins HQ

Preview Pictures:

Contain Anime Series:
Bakemonogatari, Beelzebub, Bleach, Chousoku Henkei Gyrozetter, Chuunibyou, Evangelion, Fairy Tail, Final Fantasy 4, HotD, Kyoukai Senjou no Horizonl, Nanoha, One Piece, Oreimo, Original, Puella Magi Madoka, Ragnarok Online, Ranma, Sailor Moon, Sword Art Online, The Idolmaster, Touhou Project, Vizard of Oz