Hammer Mermaid hentai volume, girl in swimsuit at pool
Cute sexy girl in swimsuit at the pool in swim ring.

Hammer Mermaid (Hentai Volume) [English]
Mangaka: Miyahara Ayumu (2011)
Genre: Large Breasts, Romance, Schoolgirl, Harem, Ecchi, Swimming, Borderline H, Milf, Bikini, Plot
Size: 93MB 197pages

Okada Keiichi nearly drowned in his childhood, which left him with a trauma for water. Now he faints on the slightest touch with water. To his grief, his girlfriend takes him to the pool to charm him with her swimsuit. By accident Keiichi falls into the pool and gets rescued by the swimming instructor, Mizushima. Keiichi senses something special about her and even Mizushima seems to knows something about Keiichi’s past. What will happen to Keiichi now?

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Hammer Mermaid Chapters List:
1. Sinking Man
2. Warm Water Bubbles
3. Sweat And Body Temperature
4. Nice Flow
5. A Night Of Tears
6. Crumbling Resolve
7. Resurfacing
8. Lasting Feeling
9. Sea Of Mermaids