Perverted Girl Talking Dirty Hentai, Fill me up, Impregnate me, Fuck me, Shove it in
About my childhood friend treating me like air.

Saito and Kawana Subaru were close childhood friends. But Subaru was sent to the top prestigious school while Saito had to settle for a regular education. But after painfully studying for years, he was finally accepted as a high school freshman through a scholarship program. Subaru had grown up beautiful and was the most popular person in school as she was kind to everyone, all except towards Saito who she seemed to despise.

Almost regretting his decision to come to the school, Saito wishes that somehow their dorm rooms would connect to each other. Magically, because it turns out that Subaru wished the same thing, their wish comes true but, in return, Subaru loses her self-control for one hour per day. During that time, her erotic desire for Saito, that she can normally hide, comes pouring out and her true intentions are revealed. He wants to take advantage of this once in a lifetime chance but doing so might jeopardize their relationship during the other 23 hours.

Tsundere girl running away funny

Kimi wa Midara na Boku no Joou (You Are Dirty, My Queen) [Complete Manga]
Mangaka: Okamoto Lynn / Yokoyari Mengo (2012)
Genre: Adult, Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, Supernatural, Seinen, School, Pervert Girl, Wish, Tsundere
Size: 66MB 214pages

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