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Kumikyoku Mitsunyuu (Teacher Blackmail)

Naked milf with body writing and shaved stubble pussy
Kumikyoku Mitsunyuu Vol 1-2 (English) [Uncensored]
Hentai manga book by Kotoyoshi Yumisuke. A story arc about progress of a blackmail of a busty teacher by her student. Which further includes her daughter in his sex plays.
256MB 380pages

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Kumikyoku Mitsunyuu (Teacher Blackmail) 1 Kumikyoku Mitsunyuu (Teacher Blackmail) 2 Kumikyoku Mitsunyuu (Teacher Blackmail) 3 Kumikyoku Mitsunyuu (Teacher Blackmail) 4

Summary: On a certain summer day, the music teacher, Makihara Kozue, was filmed by her student, Jinguuji Naoya, while she was masturbating in the music room. He threatened her with exposing the film, so Kozue had no other choice but to obey Jinguuji’s orders.
After that, he performed many degrading acts on her at the school. He made her play the piano with her breasts. He shaved her pussy and made her teach a class in a sexy swimsuit. He painted obscene words all over her body. He milked her breasts and exploited her ass.. Those acts intensified day by day.
Sakura found out what was going on with her mother, Kozue. So she offered her own body to Jinguuji so that he would leave her mother alone.

Synonyms: Kumikyoku Honey Bust, Musical Suite Honey Breasts

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