Pretty Warrior May Cry
Pretty Warrior May Cry – Enhanced Edition v2.2 + save cheat (English)
This is a rpg hentai game with monsters and tentacles. You play as the demon lord, Create your dungeon by digging, You can customize your own labyrinth and place your monster in there, wait for the warriors coming.You need train and upgrade your monster army, You have 12 races in total.


Game Play:
1. The male monster will rape the female warriors, And the female monster can attract the male warriors. While they having sex, the High-res animations will be displayed real-time in the right window. But to defeat the same sex enemies can only though fighting. In this version,We improved all the animations, Makes them looks in 2D style, each animation has 3 versions,with different damage degree of clothes and different body state.
2. We added a combo system, if you put multiple monsters in a fixed order, it will trigger a combo gangbang, And the gangbang animations will show.
3. Each race of monster have their own ability, Some can make warriors weak, Some can slow them down, Some can split, And some can fly, etc. We improved the special alibilty of the monsters, And their special alibilty can be improved by training, Which makes the game more interesting.
4. Once you successfully captured a warrior, you can torture and rape her/him after battle, Train her/him to your slave, Then you will be able to use her/him to against your enemy in next battle. We added alot animations to torque room, now you can use all the monsters to torque the heros.
5. You can collect items in battle, to help create your new monsters.

Editing your save data is easy.
Just go to data\user and open up ‘system.dat’ in a text editor.
Replace every instance of the word “true” with “false” (without the “”s).

Synonyms: 真.美少女のくせになまいきだ, Bishoujo no kuse ni namaikida