Hachishaku Hachiwa Keraku Meguri (English)
Monster girls hentai manga. A man is driving a taxi and speaking about ghost/horror stories with overly suspicious female driver.
181MB 220pages

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Chapters List:
1. “Hasshaku-sama”
She is an 8 chi(shaku in Japan) tall woman. 1 chi = 33,3 cm ~ 1 feet. This makes her 266,6 cm tall(666!!!). Her name actually reads as “Eight Shaku – Sama”.
Generally similar to slenderman. For more information, refer to the Internet.

2. “Yamanoke” (mountain creature)
Based on another creepy pasta. In the original story, a mother took her daughter on a drive. Their car broke. And the ended up stuck on a mountain path at night. Then were visited by a similar creture. The daughter got possesed. They drowe into a temple and priest said that she needs to rest at the temple for 49 days if the want her healed. Google it by the name “Broken Window”. Or by the sounds the creature produses – Tensu Metsu.

3. “Mannequin” Translation courtesy SaHa
There’s a bunch of mannequin-related creepypastas. So I couldn’t locate the one, which could be a base for this story.
Changes compared to SaHa: Minor style changes, narration moved to the perspective of the guy in the taxi.

4. “Kankandara” Translation based on rampantserenity version
I found the original story, but it never was translated into English. Basically Kankandara, Narijara and so on (there’s like a dozen of those) are the descendants of Yamata no Orochi (Eight-headed Serpent (google it)). With Kankandara being the giant white snake and Narijara being a huge white spider. This story explains how Kankandara became a woman-snake fusion. “Chi-ri-n” is the sound of the bell on her necklace.
This story was also published in the COMIC Saija which has digital releases. So I borrowed the clipped version from there, hence the lower resolution. But at least it clicks.

5 “Shishinoke”
The original story remains untranslated. But for some reason this reminds me of King’s “The Raft”.
Yamabushi were the Japanese mountain hermits, google for more details. Overall, the story ended up being less depressing than I thought. The dialog between the driver and passanger in the last page doesn’t make much sense to me.

6. “Ushi no Kubi” (Cow’s Head)
Cow’s Head is a story about a story actually. According to rumors Cow’s Head is so terrifying that anyone who hears it will die of fear. The story itself is obviously unknown. And there are dozens of stories supposed to be the “Cow’s Head”. Making a child’s name from characters in the names of parents was a common tradition in Japan. Timewise it’s probably first half of the 20th century. I’m sorry if this chapter gets you down.

7. “Kunekune” (Wriggling body)
Based on the creepypasta with the same name. This one is translated. According to the creepypasta, sometimes you can see a fugure in the distance, and if you keep looking at it – you will go insane.

8. “Saruyume” (Monkey dream)
Based on the creepy pasta of the same name.
Preparing alive (ikizukuri) is a Japanese practice of preparing sashimi from living creatures, mostly fish. To the extent that the creature is still alive at the time the dish is served.