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Short incest stories. Including dirty mothers with their sons.

Tennen Koubo – Natural Mama (English)
Mangaka: Sawada Daisuke (2008)
Genre: Volume, Mom-Son, Incest, Friend’s Mother, Cumslut, Impregnated, Gangbang
Size: 105MB 222pages

Natural Mama Preview Pictures:

Natural Mama Chapters List:
1. Shortsighted Adultery
Jun’ichi’s Mother, Misako, is always forgetting to put on her glasses, leading to misidentify.
2. Ditsy Mama
3-5. Twin Mama
Arate’s mother leaves for a trip, but she fails to tell him that her twin sister, Haruko, will be staying with him for awhile. Looking just like his mother, she seduces him. And when his mother returns even more sexual taboo’s are broken.
6. Loving Mother
Toshiki’s mother, Misaki, is always going over to his friend, Hirota’s house to fix him food, because he doesn’t have a mother of his own. One day Toshiko goes over there to check up on her and finds out she is doing more then just making him food…
7. Mama Slave Boy
Goruo’s dad leaves for a business trip leaving just him and his mother, and while he’s away Goruo’s mom just keep doing strange things to him that pushes him to his limits. When he stops by his friends house and see him having sex with his own mother. Gorou begins to loose control, especially when his own mother asks him to sleep with her.
8. Selfish Ruler, Older Sister King
Riena, the object of all the boys desires. When her little brothers friends force him to get a few naked pictures of her and a pair of her panties, things go awry.
9. Nurse Shiro
Nurse Shiro is the schools nurse, she’s always taking care of everyone’s injury’s and sickness but with her husband away their is no one to take care of her needs. “Please train me to be your bitch” and with a click of the mouse, she starts her adventure of being a sex slave.