Pink Pantsu – Pink Panzer (English)
Hentai manga by Akazawa Red. After not seeing his childhood girlfriend for 10 years he expects her to have an adult body.. What a surprise.
90MB 212pages

Chapters List:
1. LOLI-ANE #1 「Sex With Nasu-kun♪」
2. LOLI-ANE #2 「Snatched Away」
3. LOLI-ANE #3 「The White String Of Fate」
4. LOLI-ANE #4 「A Daughters Boy Friend Is A Taste Of Honey」
5. LOLI-ANE #5 「My Favorite Thing」
6. LOLI-ANE #6 「Their Place Is」
7. Lovers Through The Mouth
8. Absolute Girl-ism Episode 1 「A Boys Owner」
9. Absolute Girl-ism Episode 2 「Let’s do it, let’s do it, Danna-sama♥」
10. Absolute Girl-ism Episode 3 「I Love You But, It’s Because I Love You」

Alternative Titles: ぴんくぱんつぁー, Pink Panzer