Mother showing hairy pussy hentai
Raped Mother (English)
Collection of indecent mothers stories. Starting in color.
Misleading title since there is no rape, just happy sex with horny mothers and sisters.
193MB 187pages

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Content List:
1-6. Tokyo Sex Style (Short Color Stories)
7. 5P 1 Hole, 5 Poles (mother gangbang)
8. Bath Water, Urine Water (mother)
9. A Favorite’s Man (Sister)
10. Love Love Love (Sister)
11. Every day the same Okaasan (Mother)
12. First Love (Girlfriend Mother)
13. Young, Therefore Requested (Mother)
14. An Unexpectedly Frequent Thing a Frequent Relationship
15. The Widow of Spring Flowers (Gangbang)
16. Postscript

Synonyms: Okan
Mangaka: Izawa Shinichi