Blonde Twin Sister in Bikini Hentai Manga
My sweet lovers are pretty and naughty neighboring girls. Few short and one longer story.

Scold me! Twin SistersShikatte! Futago Shimai
Mangaka: Yuki Yanagi
Genre: volume, big breasts, schoolgirls, teacher, twins, group sex, bikini
Size: 7MB 204pages

Plot Summary: Kenta is a college student living next door to a pair of bratty twins, Yumi and Mami, who fight over everything.They and their hot single mother Kumiko, want him. Can he survive in this enviable position?

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Chapters List:
1: Punishment Loving Anzu-chan
2: A Night at the Pool
3: 7:24 Woman (Train Molester)
4: Sensei’s Favorite
5: Video Store Girl
6: The Manager Whose In Love
7-11: Scold Us! Twin Sisters