Slutty milf taking off her panties hentai
The Confession of Slutty Milf (English)
Kazue is married for six years, but lately her husband is too busy at work to take care of her sexual needs. Then suddenly she recieves an invitation for a class reunion. There she meets one of her former students Sho. A mysterious young man who will change her life..
62MB 195pages

Contains chapters:
Episode 1 – Kazue Saotome, Married Woman
Episode 2 – She’s the Beast… Called Married Woman
Episode 3 – The Lewd Married Woman’s Reason Takes a Stroll Through Hell
Episode 4 – The Wolf’s Song for a stray lamb 1
Episode 5 – The Wolf’s Song for a stray lamb 2
Episode 6 – Then the wolf become an Angel
Episode 7 – Seduced by the Angel, then the Devil cracks a Grin
Episode 8 – The tiny light concealed in the Darkness
Episode 9 – The life to be Born Live on Forever

Author: Azuki Kurenai