Cum Fetish Hentai school girl pours bottle of cum on herself in toilet
Volume with short stories, mostly school teacher or mother incest comics.

Motherlike Obscene Wife (English)Boinzuma
Mangaka: Sawada Daisuke (2006)
Genre: Volume, Gangbang, Cum Fetish, Impregnated Mom, Teacher Bukkake, Smegma, Short Stories
Size: 64MB 220pages

Comics List:
1. Adultery Teacher
2. Indulgent (Obscene Mother waking up son)
3. Grand Sperm Academy (Baseball coach rewards for winning)
4. White-out (School girl cum lover)
5. Glossy Stepmother
7. Obscene After School (Teacher smell fetish)
8. Secret Eating (Friends mother)
9. In-kou – (School Nurse)
10. Mother Desire (Mother willing to be impregnated by son)
11. Semen Rider Mayuko (Caught by enemy gang and gangbanged)

Picture Preview: